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What is Flan King?

Learn more about who we are and what we work hard to make just for you!

Flan, pronounced [FLAHN] is commonly used as a term to describe the Spanish, Portuguese or Mexican version of Crème Caramel normally baked in a water bath and turned out of its mold onto a plate for serving.

Our Definition: DELICIOUS!

"I don't really like Flan but I LOVE this (Flan King) Flan . . ." along with, " Oh My Gosh - this is Ammaaazzzziiiinnng, the best flan ever!!!!" – This is what we hear on a daily basis!

What is it about Flan King that makes it so good?

Our award winning flan (2008 Artisanal Treasure Award Winner - "Best in Sweets" presented by The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills ) has a smooth creamy texture and a fantastic flavor that teases the palate. It is so delicious you will want to lick the plate - and some customers actually do!

How did we get started?

My self-taught-cook Titi (Aunt) Olga from Puerto Rico originally came up with the magic recipe. She showed me how to make her amazing flan which I brought to various parties and eventually it became expected of me to bring one to all the invites.

After years of being the flan bearer and tasting marginal flan that was being served around Los Angeles, I asked my aunt if we can share her fantastic flan with the world. Graciously, she gave me her permission so now we can serve this amazing dessert to you.

When is the best time or occasion to serve Flan King?

Anytime. Any occasion!

Bring something tasty, special and unique making you the hit of the party. Instead of that unimaginative bottle of wine or that colorful but allergenic bouquet of flowers or be that fool showing up empty handed.


Stop giving those dry brownies or beautiful but tasteless cookies to your loved ones, friends, colleagues and clients. Make an impression, show them that you care by sending them something so uniquely delicious! We can even gift wrap your treat using a bright blue wrapping, tied with vibrant ribbons and sitting on a beautiful plate ready for serving!

Don't forget about the upcoming holidays!

Where can you find Flan King?

Along with selling at the Farmer's Market, Flan King is also serving the catering and corporate communities. So next time your planning a flavorful event, make sure you are giving your taste buds the royal TREATment, call Flan King   323-960-0770

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