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Flan King Features

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SheKnows City Guide

Not all flan is created equal, which you may not know until you are enticed by a bite of the Flan King’s dense, but not-too-sweet dessert.    Read more

SheKnows City Guide
- SheKnows City Guide

L.A. Splash Magazines Worldwide: Valentine's Day Food & Beverage Gifts - 2010 Guide

Flan King- A Creamy, Smooth & Delicious Dessert    Read more

LA Splash
- Splash Magazines Worldwide

The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills - American Artisanal Treasure Award Winner

Sweets Category    Read more

beverly hills cheesestore
- Cheese Store of Beverly Hills

CRN Digital Talk Radio: Interview with the Flan King

When you mentioned to me that we were going to be talking about flan, you mentioned to me that we were going to be talking about my favorite dessert... Hear more


- CRN Digital Talk Radio

The Margarita Party

What’s the perfect dessert for a taco party? Flan!… Read more

Flan, Fabulous Flan

Ask someone what their favorite dessert is, and it’s likely you’ll get the usual list of sweets—ice cream, cake, pie—but rarely do you ever hear the word “flan.” It doesn’t take a genius to understand why. The texture and flavor…  Read more

-Frontiers in LA


KFWB Blue Lifestyle Minute - Flanbelievable!

There were four oozing flans to sample, including original, coffee, chocolate, and sweet potato. My favorite was original which was dense and creamy with a gentle, smooth sweetness... Read more

blue lifestyle
-Blue Lifestyle


It's Good to Be the King: Flan King

The world of artisanal desserts is really booming right now. There are so many new, high quality dessert makers propping up on the internet and at farmers' markets…  Read more

-Sku's Recent Eats

The Royal Flannenbaums

With a name like Flan King, one should hope that said royalty’s specialty is, well, flan. This is no pocket flan: the cake-size…  Read more

Who is the Heir to the Cupcake Throne?

While it might seem like an odd choice, the right flan can make you a believer...  Read more

-Digital City
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