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Flan King Reviews

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  • Christina H

    I ordered from Flan King for my Cuban themed Mother's Day festivities. I was originally going to order from Portos but Flan King had a larger sized flan that was needed for the size of my party. I'm glad I went with Flan King. Was gonna just do the classic flan but decided to kick it up a notch and ordered the banana flan instead. It was absolutely delicious, a huge hit. Was the perfect finish to a wonderful day. Greg, the owner, was very nice and friendly. I wish you continued success. Thank you, Flan King!

  • Jimmy S.

    After reading all these good reviews i took a chance and ordered the classic for my wife's birthday. All i can say is she loved it. And to be honest im not really a fan of flan, but to my surprise it was delicious....such a unique taste and texture. Best flan I've ever tried. Thank you Greg

  • Mike G.

    This was my first time trying Flan King. I desperately needed to find a flan to bring as a dessert to a Spanish Rioja-themed wine potluck dinner. Of course, I waited until the last minute to look for flan.

    The stars aligned and Greg came to my rescue. He happened to have a classic large flan that had not yet sold. I took dibs on the last flan that he had.

    The flan was the highlight of our evening. It was decadent, rich, and contained a healthy amount a caramel sauce that ensured every bite was delectable. The comments were unanimous. The flan was among the best that anyone had ever tasted.

    Greg's customer service was extraordinary. I can't thank him enough for helping to make our dinner a memorable experience.

  • Jerry Cedano

    I've tasted flan, i've tasted alot of flan, but this flan was AMAZING!!!!!!! It tasted just like the ones straight out of Mexico or my grandmother's kitchen. I ordered this flan for a co-workers birthday at work and i people coming back for seconds. This was a hit and i will be coming back for more.

  • Eva S.

    This place is FLAN-tastic. I had a FLANderful time ordering their delicious FLAN flavored FLAN. You get everything you need, all in FLAN place! It's FLAN in a million! Come FLAN, come ALL! Every cloud has a silver FLAN! Every FLAN has its day! A FLAN in time saves nine! Aaaaanyway, you can't find better FLAN than here at FLAN King.

    from West Hollywood, CA, USA
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